Carpe Mensis: Creating a New Moon Wish List

New Moon Wish Lists are a great way to get your current desires and motivations down on paper before handing them over to the seeding quality of the New Moon. It is also a fun practice and a useful habit to get into – a little like a monthly to do/bucket list or a cosmic ordering technique for the Law of Attraction.

The benefit of creating a New Moon Wish List is being able to keep track of your progress from month to month for as long as you keep creating wish lists. If you are someone who regularly writes journals like I do, you will have no problem integrating this practice into your routine. However, If you find yourself a little forgetful and in need of a reminder to create your list, you can use your phone to set a reminder and even make and keep the list stored on there, too. It can be saved in your online diaries like iCal, which can be accessed via your smart phone, or on a laptop/PC, keeping them stored for easy reference. I’ve scribbled my New Moon Wish Lists on Post-Its, used envelopes, random notebooks and on the appropriate page of my diary – it does help to have everything written in the same location but there is no hard-and-fast rule.

Ideally your wishes will be personal and you can ask for things like an organised sock draw (did I really just suggest that?) or more focus at work. You could ask for world peace, or perhaps an end to cruelty in humanity, though the wish lists aren’t really designed for collective wishes. However, if your chart is being picked up by an outer planet transit or you are an Outer Planet Person (OPP) natally, by all means these intentions have a right to be expressed though your wish list.

It’s fun to look back over your wish lists and see how far you have come. You will find that so many of your goals and wishes have come true in some way or another and the things that haven’t, didn’t for a very good reason. It’s a great tool for putting things into perspective and can be compared to the New Moon chart to see how things panned out and what the astrological explanation may be for the results you received.

Below is a New Moon Wish list I made previously to give you all an idea of the type of things I decided to wish for. Make a list of up to, but not exceeding 14 things (in my example – I have listed 13) that you would like to encourage from yourself or invite into your experience within the next few weeks (up to the Full Moon). Make sure you have the list completed before the New Moon reaches perfection (at the exact degree and minute of arc).

My New Moon Wish List for 23rd October 2014: Moon at 0° Scorpio

New Moon Scorpio 2014

The New Moon at 00º24′ Scorpio on 23rd October 2014 was a Partial Solar Eclipse in a partile conjunction with Venus.

  1. Canterbury Uni Application Sorted
  2. Get a job in Davidson School
  3. Get tablecloths made
  4. Finish article and submit it!
  5. Read about self employment
  6. Continue progress with website
  7. Make real progress with NLP
  8. Look into ADD & how to manage it
  9. Improve concentration
  10. Motivate myself
  11. Improve Study Skills
  12. Tidy Bedroom/Organise
  13. Give self Reiki! Self heal.

The Outcome of My New Moon Wish List

  1. I completed my Canterbury Application and got accepted on the course. I eventually decided not to attend but my confidence was boosted by the whole experience.
  2. I didn’t get the job at Davidson School. With hindsight I’m glad this didn’t happen because I got another job which I really loved and was far more suited to.
  3. I made the tablecloths and they looked fab! (See below)
  4. I completed my article and submitted it for editing prior to publication.
  5. I am now self-employed.
  6. I have continued to develop my website – you are all witness to the hard work I have put in.
  7. MY NLP sessions were very successful – I still use the techniques every day and couldn’t recommend it highly enough.
  8. I read up and studied ADD and have mine under as much control as possible, without having to take mediation for it.
  9. My concentration improved with the help of MorEPA (Omega 3 with a high EPA content for concentration issues associated with ADD).
  10. I have become increasingly more motivated, and enjoy setting and achieving goals, like regular blog posts.
  11. My study skills improved by learning about mind mapping, and other methods I hadn’t previously used.
  12. I no longer live in my parents house in my little bedroom, but I keep my living quarters as clean and tidy as I can now. A clear and cleanly environment brings me joy and keeps me sane (OCD – Moi? More like Virgo on the 4th house cusp!)
  13. I am now a Reiki Master – I give myself and others Reiki every day and use it wherever I go.

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The feeling you get from looking back on an event with hindsight and realising there was a better way to do something can be quite a regretful thing, but with a New moon Wish List, you look back with hindsight and actually have perspective about the wishes and intentions you made. It fills you with a sense of satisfaction and trust that everything is as it should be.

What I find most exiting about writing this post now is looking back on this list and realising this New Moon was a partial eclipse on a power degree (0° Scorpio). Sandwiched between Pluto and Saturn in my natal chart, it was the start of a Moon Family – something I touched on in my first blog post where I discuss Dietrech Pessins’ Lunar Gestation Cycles.

If you would like to have a free New Moon List Diary which I have lovingly created, please click on the image to the left.

So there you have it! I’ve opened my heart and my diaries to you all, to demonstrate the benefits of keeping a New Moon Wish List – not just to synchronise with the ebbs and flows of the Moon and her moods, but also to remind us how capable and brilliant we can be once we channel our true intentions into our will.

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