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Lunar Beauty Astrological CalendarDespite my best efforts, I recently succumbed to the latest bug that had already claimed so many of my fellow Londoners this winter. A foggy, bunged-up, sniffling wreck, I couldn’t ‘Jedi mind-trick’ my way out of this one. Having felt so grotty over the past week, I decided to book myself a self-indulgent spa-date in January to cheer myself up and to have something to look forward to. Imagine my delight when arriving home later that evening to a delivery of Astrological Lunar Beauty Calendars from Kimberly at Star Sign Style!

Eagerly flicking straight to January, I was particularly excited to find that the date I’d booked my spa visit was the day after the New Moon in Capricorn when Luna herself will sextile Venus – a perfect opportunity for me to recharge my batteries and enjoy some real ‘me’ time! Intuitively I must have chosen January 11th for that exact reason, but it is always nice to see it echoed back from the stars.

Healing is a personal thing, and our individual lunar placement tells us the specific type of care we need to receive, and when it is best for us to receive it. Observing the daily motions of the transiting moon is a useful way to engage in a personal dialogue with your unconscious self and get in tune with your needs and true intentions of the moment.  Luna is a key player when electing the most effective times to undergo health and beauty routines, for example: When is the best time to wax your legs in order to encourage slower regrowth? When to cut your hair to ensure fuller, faster re-growth? Which phase of the moon encourages a safe detox and cleanse? Astrology can also be used to elect the most appropriate times to escape on holiday or to a spa, when a bath will be more effective than a massage, or when going out and letting your hair down is just what the doctor ordered.

Kimberly has worked painstakingly on this classy, loose leaf calendar to bring us optimum dates in 2016 for beautifying and indulging ourselves. With a stunning gold design embossed on the cover, the calendar exudes quality and style. With a couple of info pages for the budding Astrologer to learn about aspects discussed in the calendar and a card to write your own chart details, there is also a space on the calendar to make your own notes, make new moon intentions and observations – perfect for anyone that keeps a new moon wish list each month.

I have a handful of copies to give away for 5 lucky readers! To claim your Lunar Beauty ~ Astrological Calendar, ‘Like’ my Facebook page and fill out the contact form on this page with your full name, time (if you have it), place and date of birth and tell me how you like to relax and recharge. I will draw 5 names on Wednesday 16th December.

These stunning calendars make the perfect gift for Christmas and the New Year and are available from Star Sign StyleEtsy and The Astrology Shop in Covent Garden, for the bargain price of $15 (£10) including p&p.

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