2018 Notable Dates For The Diary

2018 is already looking mega-eventful with lots of notable dates. We began 2018 with a super full moon in Cancer on January 1st. We then have a blue moon and total lunar eclipse in Leo on January 31st!

Below is an overview of the major planetary ingresses, retrograde planets, eclipses and blue moons of 2018.

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All times listed are in Universal Time (UTC) – for conversions you can use the world clock converter at timeanddate.com


The Luminaries: Sun & Moon


North Node of the MoonSouth Node of the Moon
An eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon make a conjunction with the lunar nodes. The nodes are a calculated point in space where the orbital paths of the Sun and Moon cross over. Eclipses are considered to be particularly powerful astrological phenomena, often preceding major world events.

ConjunctionWhen the Sun and Moon are in conjunction (a new moon) and are within an 8° orbit (orb) of the moon’s nodes, a solar eclipse will occur. This is when the Moon crosses the path of the Sun, making the Sun momentarily disappear, from a geo-centric (Earth centred) perspective.

OppositionWhen the Sun and Moon are in opposition (a full moon) within 8° orb of the moon’s nodes, a lunar eclipse occurs. this is when the Earth passes between the luminaries, preventing the light of the Sun reaching the Moon and making it momentarily disappear, or look like it has had a chunk bitten out of it!

During 2018 there are five eclipses:

Opposition    31st January – 13:26 – 11°37’ Leo – Total Lunar Eclipse

Conjunction    15th February – 21:05 – 27°07’ Aquarius – Partial Solar Eclipse

Conjunction    13th July – 02:47 – 20°41’ Cancer – Partial Solar Eclipse

Opposition    27th July – 20:20 – 04°44′ Aquarius – Total Lunar Eclipse

Conjunction    11th August – 09:57 – 18°41’ Leo –Partial Solar Eclipse

Blue Moons

A blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. There are two blue moons in 2018:

Moon    31st January – 13:27 – 11°37’ Leo

Moon    31st March – 12:37 – 10°45’ Libra



Retrograde    Retrograde periods

Mercury enters retrograde motion 3 times this year.
Each time he does so in a fire sign. However, on his final moonwalk of 2018, he jumps out of the frying pan and into the ice-bath, from Sagittarius to Scorpio. This should get the teeth chattering just in time for Winter!

Retrograde    23rd March to 15th April – 16°54’ Aries to 4°47’ Aries

Retrograde    26th July to 19th August – 23°27’ Leo to 11°31’ Leo

Retrograde    17th November to 6th December – 13°29’ Sagittarius to 27°20’ Scorpio


Retrograde    Retrograde period

Not wanting to be left out, Venus also goes retrograde this year! This happens roughly once every 18 months and in 2018, she travels back from the sign of secrets, Scorpio, to relationship focussed Libra. Whatever it is she has to retrace and start over, you can guarantee she wants to start fresh with a clean slate!

Retrograde    05th October to 16th November – 10°49’ Scorpio to 25°14’ Libra


Retrograde    Retrograde period

Fierce and feisty Mars will also go retrograde in 2018. This happens approximately once every two years. Though Mars likes to put himself first and steam ahead, he will have to retrace his footsteps from autonomous Aquarius and respect the rules of stickler Capricorn. As much as this smarts, Mars may have to join the system instead of fighting it if he wants to make progress!

Retrograde    26th June to 27th August – 9°12’ Aquarius to 28°36’ Capricorn


Retrograde    Retrograde period

Jovial Jupiter enters retrograde motion once every year, this time in intense and brooding Scorpio. He will likely be retracing his footsteps in order to uncover more murky tales of the recent taboos in tinseltown, and beyond.

Retrograde    09th March to 10th July – 23°13’ Scorpio to 13°20’ Scorpio

Planetary ingress

Toward the end of 2018, Jupiter finally arrives home after 12 years flying around around the Zodiac! The true travelling sage will return from his exciting adventures with many stories to tell, lessons to teach and maybe even a new philosophy under his belt! Likely, he will be making plans for the future before taking off and does it all over again.

    08th November Jupiter enters Sagittarius



Retrograde    Retrograde period

Finally back home in Capricorn after a 29 year jaunt around the Zodiac, Saturn has got some serious tidying up to do since Pluto began renovation work back in 2008. Once settled, he retraces his footsteps to early Capricorn to ensure his previous advice has been taken seriously. He’s back to get the job done properly, he means business and he isn’t about the softly-softly approach!

Retrograde    18th April to 06th September – 09°08’ to 02°32’ Capricorn



Retrograde    Retrograde period

Don’t get too comfortable! Uranus enters Taurus in May and spends a little time adjusting to his new surroundings before going retrograde and re-visiting Aries for one final foray! Uranus will shake up the core of consistent Taurus, with unpredictability being high on Taurus’ list of peeves. One extra push from headstrong Aries is all that’s needed for Uranus, before he makes the commitment and moves in with Taurus for the long-haul.

Retrograde    08th August to 06th January – 02°33’ Taurus to 28°36’ Aries

Planetary ingress

It’s the first time in 22 years that Uranus has been in an earth sign and the first time he has entered Taurus for 84 years! Expect the unexpected with sudden revelations, groundbreaking new ways of managing the material world, and watch as your comfort zone gets a make over!

Taurus    15th May – Uranus enters Taurus



Retrograde    Retrograde period

Nebulous Neptune at home in Pisces continues to move through the oceanic expanse connecting humanity through invisible mediums. It’s never very obvious with Neptune and the longer he spends there, the more connected we get. It’s a little unclear to see how we will untangle ourselves, but that’s not our problem. Not yet anyway.

Retrograde    18th June to 25th November – 16°29’ Pisces to 13°41’ Pisces



Retrograde    Retrograde period

Currently bulldozing through Capricorn tearing down our antiquated systems and traditions, Pluto knows a lot of people fear the generations growing through the piles of rubble and ashes with their wild ideas and non-gender specific identities. Like Laurence Lewellyn-Bowen on steroids, you won’t recognise the place once he’s finished with it!

Retrograde    22nd April to 01st October – 21°17′ Capricorn to 18°45′ Capricorn


Cast in order of appearance

31st Jan – 11°37’ Leo – Blue moon and total Lunar Eclipse

15th Feb – 27°07’ Aquarius – Partial Solar Eclipse

09th Mar – 23°13’ Scorpio – Jupiter Retrograde
23rd Mar – 16°54’ Aries – Mercury Retrograde
31st Mar – 10°45’ Libra – Blue Moon

15th Apr – 4°47’ Aries – Mercury Direct
18th Apr – 09°08’ Capricorn – Saturn Retrograde

22nd Apr – 21°17′ Capricorn  – Pluto Retrograde

15th May – Uranus enters Taurus

18th Jun – 16°29’ Pisces – Neptune Retrograde
26th Jun – 9°12’ Aquarius – Mars Retrograde

10th Jul – 13°20’ Scorpio – Jupiter Direct
13th Jul – 20°41’ Cancer – Partial Solar Eclipse
26th Jul – 23°27’ Leo – Mercury Retrograde

27th Jul – 04°44 Aquarius – Total Lunar Eclipse

08th Aug – 02°33’ Taurus – Uranus Retrograde
11th Aug – 18°41’ Leo – Partial Solar Eclipse
19th Aug – 11°31’ Leo – Mercury Direct
27th Aug – 23°36’ Capricorn – Mars Direct

06th Sep – 02°32’ Capricorn – Saturn Direct

01st Oct – 18°45 Capricorn – Pluto Direct
05th Oct – 10°49’ Scorpio –  Venus Retrograde

08th Nov – Jupiter enters Sagittarius
16th Nov – 25°14’ Libra – Venus Direct
17th Nov – 13°29’ Sagittarius – Mercury Retrograde
25th Nov – 13°42’ Pisces – Neptune Direct

06th Dec – 27°20’ Scorpio – Mercury Direct

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