Full Moon in Leo – January 2016 – Back to Square One

Harvest Full Moon Rise

On 24 January 2016 there is a Full Moon at 01:45 GMT at 03°29′ Leo. This Full Moon in Leo occurs in the early hours of the morning in the UK, on the same day Mercury slows down to station at 14° Capricorn just before 9pm GMT.

Just 3 minutes before the Full Moon reaches perfection, Mars (at 10°56′ Scorpio) rises over the Eastern horizon lending particular potency to the intensity of the ascendant, whilst making a hard aspect to the Full Moon. Though slightly wide, when the luminaries are involved a wider orb of 10° is accepted.

Chart for the exact moment of the Full Moon in Leo, with Mars on the Ascendant in Scorpio

Chart for the exact moment of the Full Moon in Leo, with Mars on the Ascendant in Scorpio

This is a dynamic configuration which challenges the temperament of the Moon in Leo and exacerbates the less favorable qualities of this Lunar placement. This Moon already wants to be the best and with the competitive presence of Mars there could be some serious hustle and dramatic outbursts.

Mars is being called into action by the Full Moon – Mercury Retrograde has already triggered a wake-up call and started to articulate some of our deepest secrets. However, with Mercury making a harmonious aspect to Mars, channeling anger and heated words into productive action and quick thinking is possible, and there may be an opportunity to rationalise this rather explosive planetary combination. Mercury in Capricorn is very serious and measured so any irrational and subjective behavior being kicked out from the Leo Full Moon and Mars will be dampened by Mercury the trickster, who is too smart to have the wool pulled over his eyes.

Dynamic and Volcanic

A release of some kind is inevitable with Mars and as he is in Scorpio, letting go is part of the process too. With both Mercury and Pluto making a harmonic aspect to Mars, this could be the grand unveiling of the deep dark secrets buried within the murky depths of the sea goat’s sturdy and reliable mountain.

A volcanic eruption ensues; the tension of the Sun-Moon opposition acting as the catalyst. Rumbling from the core of the Earth, the fertile landscape which once existed reduced to rubble where the secrets of the underworld  for all to see. The Moon make a harmonious aspect to Saturn from about 05:30 GMT on, later making a super-harmonious aspect with Uranus, too. This really anchors the situation back to reality to have a serious look at what has occurred and make sense from an emotionally detached/third person perspective. It is time to take responsibility for any part in these events so one can discard the old ideals that weren’t working from the rubble and begin to build a new vision from the dust.

The Full Moon and You

Being a leader is tiring for you at the moment, when all you want to do is connect with your inner child and playful creative self. Escaping from it all (preferably a holiday) is the perfect remedy for your need for change and excitement. Challenges may present themselves from the bank balance – It’s fine to dip into the pot and enjoy yourself – just be prepared for the repayments and make sure you don’t end up owing too much!

There is no equilibrium between work and home life at the moment and as a result your relationships may be suffering. Working and living in close proximity with others may cause tensions to run high. Perhaps this as an opportunity to take up running or squash with a partner to expend that excess energy. Try to exercise some temperance between work and home and make time to pamper yourself with a massage or a long soak in the bath.

Thinking seriously about the future and your relationship (or lack of) may be on your mind a lot at the moment. This may have caused you to think about investing in your future by taking up a course or doing some sort of work you really believe in, rather than putting all your energy into something where you are contributing to someone else’s. This is a great time to get involved with some kind of learning/community based project, just make sure you aren’t juggling too much with your already busy schedule!

Having weighed up your financial situation – things might be feeling a little pinched at the moment. Why not channel your creative skills in to money saving and opt for romantic nights in and home cooked food than evenings out at expensive and plush restaurants? Deep discussions about the past with friends and partners, this is a great time for relationships – as long as you can let go of your baggage from the past and move forward with a  fresh outlook for the future.

Home life may be feeling stressful at at the moment and emotions may be running high for you. Spend time talking things through with friends to gain some perspective. Fortunately you have luck on your side in professional life and finance, so if things have been feeling difficult at work for a while, your contribution may get some recognition. If you were thinking of applying elsewhere, you have luck on your side. This is a great time to turn your deficits into assets.

Differentiating feelings between yourself and those of others may be a little difficult for you at the moment. Feeling emotionally washed out can play havoc with your daily routine with things not making that much sense at the moment. Take up a hobby that you can really lose yourself in, and express beauty through order – take advantage of your manual dexterity! Knitting, sewing, or more mental activities like reading are a great way to let go and enjoy yourself right now.

You seem to have become a bit of a spend-thrift lately, impulse-buying all sorts of objects which ‘define’ you. It can be quite a buzz, but checking your bank balance after the shopping spree isn’t so much fun. With friendships and fun being highlighted during this Full Moon, you just can’t help going out and enjoying activities that the community has to offer. Try to hold back on drinking too much and sharing too many secrets – once they’re out there, you can’t get them back!

Being recognised and respected at work is driving you to put pressure on yourself in the work place at the moment, though the repetition of daily routine is really beginning to take it’s toll. Take it easy on yourself! Change things up even if just taking an alternative route to work. Your social life gets a boost at this time as you are focused on getting the best out of yourself. Keep your wits about you though, as there are some people around who may not have your best interests at heart.

You have been taking yourself rather seriously and placing high value on sorting out your finances is a really positive thing for you right now. Curbing the spending and and paying off that overdraft is being aided by a little luck – perhaps a tax rebate, perhaps a generous friend, your financial situation is looking to be transformed. This can be a tiring time and your energy may feel dispersed, but this will pass. Enjoying a short break in the country or a visiting relatives might be the ideal way to recharge those batteries.

It is a good time to look at the more serious things in life, like pensions and taxes – How exciting for you, Capricorn! A spotlight on shared wealth, it’s time to do some number crunching to find out if it is feasible to enter a financial venture independently or as a partnership. People you once thought were friends are testing your patience, making you suspicious as to whether things were ever really as good as you thought they were, or if you have been laboring under a misapprehension?

Though your professional life is having a much appreciated burst of energy and drive at the moment, there are a few people in your private life that are require a lot of care and attention. Dissociating from the drama might not be an option if it is brought to your door and your reputation may be affected as a result. The curtain-twitching neighbors will have something to watch other than Eastenders – why can’t people do their dirty laundry in private?!

Time to start thinking about a new health philosophy and perhaps bringing a new ritual into your routine – Pisceans cope well when chaos ensues, but perhaps it is time to add order to your meals and plan them ahead of time rather than leaving it to the last minute and eating naughty things that you know don’t agree with you. Generosity in relationships could be of huge benefit to you right now, providing care and assistance when things feel out of kilter for you.

The Technical Stuff

When: 24 January 2016 at 01:45 GMT

Where: 03°29′ Leo

How: Leading passionately, confidently, wholeheartedly and honorably.

Element: Fire

Mode: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Sun

Challenging Aspects:
Mars in Scorpio (Square)

Easy Aspects:
Saturn in Sagittarius (Trine)
Uranus in Aries (Trine)

Full Moon: Selene
Feel Bring your feelings to the surface, reflecting your true feelings.
Saturn: Chronos
Slow down respect boundaries and exercise limitations.
Mars: Ares
Be the first to take action
Uranus: Ouranous
Break tradition and strive for an ideal
Pluto: Hades
Demolish and discard to make way for a truer expression
Mercury: Hermes
Recognise the lesson and talk to your friends

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