Mars Is Entering Direct Motion

Tensions have been running high and there has been a lot of vitriol, toxicity and spite on social media lately. I’m hoping this may be expressed in a more constructive way as Mars enters direct motion, but that may just be wishful thinking on my part!

When retrograde Mars is at its closest to Earth and at 00:29 GMT on the 30th June 2016 it will begin its station to Direct Motion which means it will be moving further away from Earth in it’s orbit, adding some perspective to the collective anger and tension felt by those in Great Britain. For some, it has been the case that society hasn’t been able to see the wood for the trees.

What with Mars going retrograde this year on the same day as Pluto, there was always going to be a deep aggressive

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undercurrent – seething over taboo and unspeakable issues. It has to be said that in the UK a lot of people have been mud-slinging over the outcome of the EU Referendum, or ‘Brexit’ as it is referred to in the media.

Across the pond in the USA, there has been a lot of interest in the presidential candidacy of 2016 with Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton being the forerunners of the race. Many people feel that neither candidate is worthy of presidency, though some say Clinton is the lesser of two evils. I went on THA Talks this weekend to discuss these issues.

Pluto & Mars both went Retrograde on the same day and as both are rulers of Scorpio (Pluto the modern ruler and Mars, traditional) and with Mars re-entering Scorpio, there is a feeling of buried anger coarsing through this transit. There is the potential to heal deep wounds and ancestral pain which is being carried through a trine from Mars to Chiron – but this isn’t without its own pain steeped in collective fear and trepidation.

The Rule Of Three

When Mars stations direct it will be in the 8th House in Scorpio so this is a triple whammy of martian energy – though not as direct as Mars in Aries – it’s a more passive and receptive type of energy release. Calculated and controlled, when this energy does have full release, the flood-gates are opened and a deep eruption occurs. This is particularly so, for Mars in Scorpio.

Being in the 8th house, this will be felt in the shared wealth – on a grand scale it Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 19.37.01may provoke deep concerns involving the economic situation of the nation and its position in Europe, the fear of the unknown in the ‘divorce’ from the EU and societal knee-jerk reactions which relate to this type of psychological disturbance. It would seem the taboo for this current time in history is that of race, and national pride and patriotism. As taboo is a key word for Scorpio and the 8th house, the current political situation in both the UK and US are described by this symbolism very well. Those who voted out of the EU (52% of the British population) are being accused of racism, being called stupid, not worthy of voting and it has even been questioned whether anyone above the age of 55/60 should have a say over the political position of The UK’s relationship with Europe, based on the assumption that these individuals will be dead within 15 years.  It seems an awfully huge generalisation that just over half of the voting public simultaneously hold the same bigoted perspective on the political stance regarding ‘their’ homeland.

Divide & Conquer

The UK Referendum has split the UK down the middle, and within that chasm a deep seething vapour full of generalisation, assumption, hatred and fear has emerged. People feel unsafe, unhappy and misunderstood. Families are arguing, friends are falling out of favour and politics is being discussed in every area of life. The Moon in Taurus opposing Mars in Scorpio denotes a stubborn and difficult tug of war between both sides of the fence with tempers frayed and anxieties running high. This is a time of extreme emotions and actions, equally so. Issues of ownership, worth and the threat of loss are projected onto the land and it’s rituals.

When Venus meets Mars and Chiron by grand trine on July the 7th, there is an opportunity to express discretions in a diplomatic and Venusian way. This may be prompted by some sudden, unsettling and destructive issues forced to the surface by Mars in a very uncomfortable aspect to Uranus. There may be more eruptions, explosions and attacks. If Istanbul Airport is anything to go by, we should heed the warnings and stay vigilant during these testing times.

This transit is designed to divide, draw out and create dialogue about the very issues we are all trying to ignore.



It’s been a while

But those lovely people at THA Talks had me back to talk about the presidential candidacy in the USA looking at the charts of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

We also touched on the UK’s Ex-Priminister David Cameron, Brexit (the EU Referendum in the United Kingdom) and potential planetary influences which have contributed to these affairs.

I will return to THA Talks at some point in the future as we had so much more to discuss and it is such a pleasure to talk openly about the subjects I enjoy so much.

I mentioned a game in the podcast called Trump Donald – it’s great fun so don’t forget to have a play with that!

Listen to the podcast here


The Royal Observatory in Greenwich

Hello everyone, welcome to my 7th Video Blog about the Full Moon at 3° Virgo. The Sun-Moon opposition of February 2016 falls in Pisces & Virgo. The Sun in Pisces is in conjunction with the modern ruler of Pisces, Neptune adding an extra sensitive quality to this Full Moon. With watery Pisces and earthy Virgo bringing a real ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’ feel to this Full Moon, this is a good time to get in touch with the recesses of the subconscious and draw on your true creative essence.

Good News

I have some exciting news! As of this week I will be working from a clinic in Greenwich where I am setting up my Astrology Practice, seeing clients for Astrological consultation and practicing Reiki. I am extremely excited about having an office space to see clients as I haven’t had a suitable work environment for quite some time and it has always been very difficult getting any of my work done. For an excellent example of this, see my rant below!

Please get in touch using the contact form if you are interested in booking an appointment with me, meetings can be held over Skype or in person.


The Gremlins occupying my laptop and phone are sure to drive me mad – but not for much longer, if I can help it!

I really wanted to get a blog written for this Full Moon (and so many other astrological events so far this year) but I have been extremely busy of late. I haven’t had the time due to some of the major changes occurring in my life – thanks, Uranus.

I feel like crying – I made this Vlog earlier today and I have spent the entire day running around trying to find a wifi-connection to upload my Vlog and get it posted for your viewing pleasure, prior to the Full Moon at 18:29 GMT. Sadly I was unable to find somewhere to upload the video with a stable wifi connection (for the 2nd week running) and it ended up takig me all day to upload this simple video. I am experiencing some major Saturnian problems at the moment and can really feel his approach to my Descendant.

What this Full Moon has made abundantly clear to me is that I really need to upgrade my equipment, potentially migrating over to the dark side (Apple). It is so infuriating taking the time to plan and film a video, only to experience issues when uploading in time for viewing before the celestial event discussed. With Saturn causing blockages to my progress, I am incredibly stressed (as you can probably tell). It would be great to just get it all off my chest and have a rant on video to upload onto YouTube but it would take so long, the whole exercise would be futile – though I know it would actually be hilarious to watch at a later date.

Regardless, I have decided to persevere and upload the video anyway, it would be such a shame to waste all this time and effort and have absolutely nothing to show for it. I hope you enjoy it, even if you are watching it post-Full Moon.


Hello everyone. I’m sorry I am a bit late posting this, I had a few problems uploading my video to YouTube after I filmed it. Mildly annoying as I had hoped to make it a Valentines day Vlog, but instead we will have to skip that and just enjoy it for what it is.

Please excuse my silly intro this week – I felt like adding a bit of comedy (if you can call it that) to the video.

Topics covered during this week’s Vlog:

  • The return of Mercury to the degree in which he went retrograde in the first place which you can read about here.
  • Mercury and Venus’ ingress to Aquarius and the Sun’s ingress to Pisces – Happy Birthday Pisces!
  • Venus through each of the signs of the Zodiac.

Thanks for checking it out, I hope you all enjoy it. I always enjoy making the videos.

Steff x

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Harper the gatecrasher!

Welcome to my 5th Vlog of 2016! This week it took a little longer than expected as I had to do so many takes and at one point my video was gate-crashed by my sisters cat, Harper! Sadly she didn’t make the final cut but I’m sure she will be in future videos because the camera loves her!

I am getting better at planning my Vlogs and the positive feedback is really keeping me going when I feel like I’m not doing such a great job!

I keep getting lots of ideas about how I can make my Vlogs better but I am open to suggestion so please let me know if you have any suggestions for me or if there is a particular subject you would like covered. I have  lots of ideas myself, I just need to get things started really!

I have lots of plans for my videos so watch this space – I’m hoping to get them looking and sounding a little more professional soon. So this week’s video blog was a little improvised, even though I did quite a lot of preparation my notes weren’t up to the grade!  A lesson learned for next time.


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New Moon 19 Aquarius

I had a great time on THA Talks last weekend, it was such a shame I couldn’t go on for longer and really immerse myself in presenting the subject. I have been asked to return to talk on other similar subjects, so watch this space!

Sadly, I’m not going to keep my New Years intention and continue to write about all the New Moons of 2016 as I just don’t have the time at the moment. If I do and I manage to come up with an ingenious way to get them written and presented to you guys then I will (I say this because I have just come up with an idea as I write).

Finally, I spoke briefly on the Aquarius New Moon – with more on the subject, next week.

THA Talks ~ An Astrological Look At Jimmy Savile

This evening I was interviewed by Paul and Seana on THA Talks, where I discussed the Journey of Saturn through Scorpio, Jimmy Savile and Operation Yewtree.


08/02/16 Paul from THA Talks has been in touch to tell me there have been 6500 downloads of the Podcast which means it was a huge success!



Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile Rectified Birth Chart

31st October 1926 16:00
Leeds UK


Hi everyone, Happy Full Moon in Leo!
Second time lucky – that ol’ trickster Mercury has had me well and truly running round in circles this week. My first Vlog went wrong and I’ve had a few issues uploading and posting my second attempt – but here it is, finally.
Enjoy! X

Harvest Full Moon Rise

On 24 January 2016 there is a Full Moon at 01:45 GMT at 03°29′ Leo. This Full Moon in Leo occurs in the early hours of the morning in the UK, on the same day Mercury slows down to station at 14° Capricorn just before 9pm GMT.

Just 3 minutes before the Full Moon reaches perfection, Mars (at 10°56′ Scorpio) rises over the Eastern horizon lending particular potency to the intensity of the ascendant, whilst making a hard aspect to the Full Moon. Though slightly wide, when the luminaries are involved a wider orb of 10° is accepted.

Chart for the exact moment of the Full Moon in Leo, with Mars on the Ascendant in Scorpio

Chart for the exact moment of the Full Moon in Leo, with Mars on the Ascendant in Scorpio

This is a dynamic configuration which challenges the temperament of the Moon in Leo and exacerbates the less favorable qualities of this Lunar placement. This Moon already wants to be the best and with the competitive presence of Mars there could be some serious hustle and dramatic outbursts.

Mars is being called into action by the Full Moon – Mercury Retrograde has already triggered a wake-up call and started to articulate some of our deepest secrets. However, with Mercury making a harmonious aspect to Mars, channeling anger and heated words into productive action and quick thinking is possible, and there may be an opportunity to rationalise this rather explosive planetary combination. Mercury in Capricorn is very serious and measured so any irrational and subjective behavior being kicked out from the Leo Full Moon and Mars will be dampened by Mercury the trickster, who is too smart to have the wool pulled over his eyes.

Dynamic and Volcanic

A release of some kind is inevitable with Mars and as he is in Scorpio, letting go is part of the process too. With both Mercury and Pluto making a harmonic aspect to Mars, this could be the grand unveiling of the deep dark secrets buried within the murky depths of the sea goat’s sturdy and reliable mountain.

A volcanic eruption ensues; the tension of the Sun-Moon opposition acting as the catalyst. Rumbling from the core of the Earth, the fertile landscape which once existed reduced to rubble where the secrets of the underworld  for all to see. The Moon make a harmonious aspect to Saturn from about 05:30 GMT on, later making a super-harmonious aspect with Uranus, too. This really anchors the situation back to reality to have a serious look at what has occurred and make sense from an emotionally detached/third person perspective. It is time to take responsibility for any part in these events so one can discard the old ideals that weren’t working from the rubble and begin to build a new vision from the dust.

The Full Moon and You

Being a leader is tiring for you at the moment, when all you want to do is connect with your inner child and playful creative self. Escaping from it all (preferably a holiday) is the perfect remedy for your need for change and excitement. Challenges may present themselves from the bank balance – It’s fine to dip into the pot and enjoy yourself – just be prepared for the repayments and make sure you don’t end up owing too much!

There is no equilibrium between work and home life at the moment and as a result your relationships may be suffering. Working and living in close proximity with others may cause tensions to run high. Perhaps this as an opportunity to take up running or squash with a partner to expend that excess energy. Try to exercise some temperance between work and home and make time to pamper yourself with a massage or a long soak in the bath. More »

Hi everyone, welcome to my second impromptu Vlog – I decided to discuss Mercury retrograde a little more. I hope you enjoy it!