vintage camera

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in that case, a moving picture must be worth a million words! This is my Vlog index page – AKA, Stellium TV. As a New Years Resolution (or intention, as I prefer to call them) I decided to make one video a week and post it on my website. It is rather brave of me because I’m not really a fan of myself on the camera, but I have so far learned a lot and I am looking forward to improving every week. Once this year is up I am hoping I will have honed my presentation skills as far as the video’s go.  So anyway, I hope you find what you are looking for here and can make yourself at home. Join me on my adventures through camera bewitchery and symbolic interpretation.

Stellium TV Vlog Index

Vlog #7 ~ Full Moon in Virgo February 2016

Vlog #6 ~ 2016 Valentines Lovescopes plus Mercury & Venus in Aquarius

Vlog #5 ~ Aquarius New Moon Feb 2016

Vlog #4 ~ THA Talks and Aquarius Full Moon

Vlog #3 ~ Leo Full Moon and Mercury Going Direct

Vlog #2 ~ Mercury Rx Jan 2016 – Mid-Transit Catch-Up

Vlog #1 ~ Capricorn New Moon and Mercury Retrograde