Why astrology?

Readings with a good astrologer can inspire, empower and equip you with the knowledge to take control of decisions that affect your life and make the best of every challenge you face. Not often does someone seek advice when things are going exceptionally well. Often it will be when friction occurs, during moments of crisis or when clarity is required. This is where astrology can provide understanding, insight and a sense of meaning. However, curiosity of the subject may be your driver – or perhaps you wish to delve in to depths of personal exploration? Seeing yourself from a different perspective can be a liberating experience, for which astrology is an excellent tool.

How does it work?

Your birth chart is a moment in time – a snapshot of the solar system at the moment you were born. This snapshot holds layers of meaning expressed through planetary symbolism which permeates every moment of your life. The symbolism of your birth chart is a map of potential and the storyline in which it plays out through your life. An astrologer can translate the symbolism contained within your birth-chart and empower you to tap into this potential for yourself.

What should I expect?

Each consultation is completely original, tailored to your needs and requirements and as unique as your fingerprints. Readings are carried out over telephone, Skype, WhatsApp or in person (dependant on location). When booking it is essential you provide your time, date and place of birth – the information required needs to be as accurate as possible. If you aren’t sure how correct your birth data is, please let me know when booking your appointment.

During the consultation we will have a conversation and I will explain what I can see in the charts. Usually I work from a series of charts: Your natal chart (also known as the birth chart), the consultation chart, which is the chart of the moment our session begins, the transit and directed chart (which help give context to the current moment of time and events that have arisen which have brought you to me).

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What do I get?

After your session, you will receive an mp3 copy of the reading and a copy of all the charts discussed which will be sent to you via email or shared via Google Drive. If you would like a transcribed copy of your consultation, this can be arranged for an additional fee.