Full Moon in Leo – January 2016 – Back to Square One

On 24 January 2016 there is a Full Moon at 01:45 GMT at 03°29′ Leo. This Full Moon in Leo occurs in the early hours of the morning in the UK, on the same day Mercury slows down to station at 14° Capricorn just before 9pm GMT. Just 3 minutes before the Full Moon reaches perfection, Mars (at 10°56′ Scorpio) rises over the Eastern horizon lending particular potency to the intensity of the ascendant, whilst making a hard aspect to the Full Moon. Though slightly wide, when the luminaries are involved a wider orb of […]

Carpe Mensis: Creating a New Moon Wish List

New Moon Wish Lists are a great way to get your current desires and motivations down on paper before handing them over to the seeding quality of the New Moon. It is also a fun practice and a useful habit to get into – a little like a monthly to do/bucket list or a cosmic ordering technique for the Law of Attraction. The benefit of creating a New Moon Wish List is being able to keep track of your progress from month to month for as long as you keep creating wish lists. If you are someone who regularly writes […]

New Moon in Capricorn – Jan 2016

The Deep Desire For Change On January 10th 2016 at 10:01am GMT, a New Moon occurs at 19° degrees Capricorn and is part of the first Mercury Retrograde of 2016. The New Moon in Capricorn underpins the long term effects of Mercury’s rather introspective Journey back to Hades, by personalising the experience and locking into your aspirations for the future. In Mythology, the New Moon is attributed to the goddess Persephone, who is kidnapped by Hades (Pluto) from her mother Demeter, and taken into the murky depths of the underworld by Hades where her innocence is taken […]

Vlog #1 ~ Capricorn New Moon & Mercury Retrograde

Hello everyone! This is my first ever Video Blog. Friends of mine have been telling me for some time that they think I should make some Astrology videos for YouTube. I decided to take their advice and set myself the challenge of filming every week. I was a bit nervous to start and completely disorganised (I am in my Batman pyjamas) but I thought there is no time like the present to get this going. As my new years resolution I decided to make a ‘Vlog’ every week […]

Mercury Retrograde Jan 2016 ~ Toxic Tradition and Liberation

There are a few challenging aspect configurations during the first Mercury Retrograde of 2016 which commences with a tight square to Mars residing in the Via Combusta. Concluding with a conjunction to Pluto at 14° Capricorn, Mercury will revisit the point he entered pre-shadow on 20th December 2015. The involvement of Uranus and Pluto provoke discussion about stagnant ideologies, antiquated systems and corruption in once respected governing bodies. On a personal level, friendships, the social group and those with a common purpose will be highlighted.  If Mercury aspects any of your natal […]

Lunar Beauty ~ Astrological Calendar Give Away

Despite my best efforts, I recently succumbed to the latest bug that had already claimed so many of my fellow Londoners this winter. A foggy, bunged-up, sniffling wreck, I couldn’t ‘Jedi mind-trick’ my way out of this one. Having felt so grotty over the past week, I decided to book myself a self-indulgent spa-date in January to cheer myself up and to have something to look forward to. Imagine my delight when arriving home later that evening to a delivery of Astrological Lunar Beauty Calendars from Kimberly at […]

Create a Free Account With Astro.com

I would like to point out, first and foremost, that I am in no way affiliated with www.astro.com – I just wanted to write a blog to spread the word on this excellent free tool for Astrologers.  The idea for this post came to me after I taught a few Astrology classes to absolute beginners and realised it would be helpful to have a ‘how to’ guide for setting up an account with Astro Deinst aka www.astro.com. As a budding Astrologer with limited funds, I initially created an account with Astro Dienst so I could look […]

Venus Retrograde 2015   Recently updated !

Venus has reached a point in her cycle where she continues to move forward in her orbit around the Sun but approaches her closest orbital point to Earth.  This period is known as ‘retrograde’ and during this time, appears to move backwards in the sky.  During her cycle around the sun, Venus moves approximately one degree a day, with the retrograde period lasting about 6 weeks (no more than 43 days at a time).  Some years she doesn’t retrograde at all.  During retrograde, Venus’ presence is more pronounced in […]

A Solar eclipse from Space - Lunar obstruction of the Sun

What a wonderful way to greet the spring equinox!  At 09:35 on 20th March 2015 the new moon at 29°27’ Pisces will also be a Total Solar Eclipse over parts on the UK and Ireland.  Not only is this spectacular celestial event at the final degree of the Zodiac, the moon will be at Perigee, making it a Super Moon (when the moon is its closest point to the Earth) causing the lunar body to appear 14% bigger than when it is at Apogee (furthest point).  This new moon is the beginning of a cycle so anyone with a planet in aspect to the point of the Eclipse at 29° Pisces will be having a subconscious seed sewn into their life experience.

Those celebrating their birthday tomorrow will have their natal Sun in conjunction with the new moon Solar Eclipse.  This will have an impact during the approaching 2¼ years.  It may be that your future seems a little unclear at the moment, but if you track this mutable Lunar Gestation Cycle, you will soon discover that the next 9, 18 and 27 month increments are particularly poignant to you, how you see yourself as an individual and what you envisage for your future.

Those born around the 21st June or the 21st December will be experiencing the New Moon at a 90° angle – or Square – to your natal Sun and so this Eclipse will potentially spark a challenge to force you out of your comfort zone and press forward with ideas and inspiration.  People with birthdays around the 22nd September will be experiencing the New Moon in opposition – 180° away from their natal Sun which will be experience in some way through the way you relate to others.  (The Solar Eclipse will still be picking up on your Sun if you are born up to 1 week either side of these dates and if you have any other planet at these points, they will be affected, too).

Keep your eyes peeled for 9 months time on December 18th 2015, when the transiting moon will be at first quarter in at 26° Pisces.  This is where challenges will present themselves that will really set the wheels of change in motion for the events of 9 months time. From that point when there will be a full moon (Sun-Moon opposition) at 24° Pisces.  This full moon also happens to be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse which will be visible from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.  It is at this time, the unconscious seed that was sewn at the point of the new moon will be in full bloom and the fruits of this period and all your work toward this point will be out in the open for all to see.

This cycle draws to a close on June 17 2017 at 26° Pisces where this it reaches its last quarter – the winter of its life.  The winds of change will be blowing and new challenges will be revealing themselves in time for you to tie up loose ends, learn from the lessons you have had and deal with the issues that have arisen in preparation for the next Lunar Gestation Cycle.

Regardless of whether this spectacular Super New Moon Eclipse picks up on one of your personal planets, you should create a New Moon Wish List tonight listing up to 14 things – anything you like – that you want to bring in to fruition in the next 2 weeks.  If you keep doing this for every New moon, you can check your progress and observe Lunar Gestation Cycles that pick up on your personal degrees inhabited by planets in your natal chart.
My eclipse glasses

You can read more about how to use the Lunar Gestation Cycles in Dietrech Pessin’s book: Lunar Shadows III: The Predictive Power of Moon Phases and Eclipses