THA>HIJAC – The Great American Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse

Seana Collins and I decided to record a THA>HIJAC show on the Great American Eclipse of 2018; the total solar eclipse which will be visible in the USA on Monday 21st August. The path of totality travels from the West coast to the East coast with the point of greatest eclipse over Nashville.

The Eclipse is a New Moon (all Solar Eclipses are) as the Moon meets the Sun by conjunction and obscures it from the Earth’s view. The shadow cast by the moons obscuration of the Sun is an awesome spectacle and a hugely symbolic event which throughout history has been considered to be an omen or message from God foretelling times of hardship, illness and war (among other things). You can read my previous blog post about Eclipses and Lunar Gestation Cycles here.


The Eclipse Effect

This particular New Moon is at 28º Leo. This is a poignant degree for the USA as it aligns with the birth chart of the US President Donald Trump whose ascendant is 29º Leo with Mars rising. Trump has a Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon. Not only was he born on a Full Moon (think of that larger than life character), but Trump was born on a lunar eclipse! This makes him even more sensitive to the eclipse effect. Having this particular eclipse on his Ascendant, whilst it is visible to an enormous portion of North America is a very interesting phenomena.  Have a listen to our Great American Eclipse show! While you are there, check out some of our other shows that we have been making lately and let us know what you think in the comments!


Below is a video demonstrating the path of totality with a close up of the area covers by the greatest point of eclipse. For more cool graphics and information visit Michael Zeiler, who has a vast array of beautiful maps and videos for you to enjoy prior to the actual live viewing on August 21st 2017.


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