Aquarius Season – Many Happy Returns

AquariusIt is at the point of the Sun’s ingress into Aquarius, that most of us are struggling with the debts of previous months whilst suffering with the January blues. But there is a lighter feel to the month when the Sun’s journey through Aquarius commences. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and the eleventh sign of the zodiac. The imagery conjured when I think of fixed air is a room with all the doors and windows closed and no way of fresh air getting in and circulating. It can be stuffy and stale – a little bubble all to yourself. Aquarius can get fixated on specific areas of life, ideals, and mindsets.

Having said that quirky Aquarius can be incredibly progressive in their way, or on the opposite side of the spectrum, ridiculously archaic. Traditionally ruled by Saturn (which co-rules Capricorn), and Uranus by modern rulership you can get very serious, straight, no-nonsense and traditional Aquarians, as well as the unusual, Uranian, rule-breaking and cutting-edge types. They tend to break down the image that Capricorn strives for and identify with a more humanitarian and inclusive outlook as far as order and government are concerned.  From the onwards and upwards attitude of Capricorn, Aquarius wants to make the top spot accessible to all people. They can be stubborn and rebellious, refusing to acquiesce with hierarchy and authority.

A good old-fashioned debate is something Aquarius enjoys as they are able to explore a subject and look at it from a new perspective/dimension. They likes to step away from their ideas and examine them as though they are an object that can be turned, observed and analysed. They aren’t afraid to change their mind either, once they have exhausted their research and have satisfied themselves intellectually.

Aquarius is the water bearer: a boy holding a vessel pouring what appears to be liquid. As a result many people confuse Aquarius for being a water sign, but he couldn’t be farther from the watery–feeling realm; he lives in the realm of concept, ideas and analysis. What is actually being poured from the vessel is the cosmic energy of awareness, awakening and revelation: the gift of clear vision, the lightbulb moment – “Eureka!”

Aquarius: Born to be wild

UranusOriginal Aquarians with their outsider way of being and thinking aren’t being intentionally oppositional. Far from it! Aquarius is concerned with truth and won’t compromise their integrity in order to keep the peace or please their peers. When young they wish they could fit in and agree with everyone else. When they try by altering their behaviour and opinions, they are outcasted for being in-genuine. When it comes to the outcasted group, Aquarius won’t fit in with that either.

This doesn’t mean that the way Aquarius sees life and thinks isn’t relevant; sometimes they can be so far behind the status quo that they are actually ahead of the next trend waiting in the wings! Those that are ahead of their time, are often ridiculed and made to feel stupid because they don’t fit the generic cookie-cutter mould. This can be said for those with a prominent Uranus in the birth chart too.

Campaigner for individuality

On the plus side, unique Aquarius can mix with a variety of groups, cultures, ideals, creeds and religions; Aquarius is interested in people, and humanity as a whole. Your Aquarian/Uranian friends are likely the ones you can go people watching with: observing people and contemplating their lives, what makes them tick and wondering what must be going on in their heads. Logical and objective, Aquarius enjoys conceptualising and analysing situations and people.

SaturnAt times, it can be difficult for Aquarius to forgo analysis in favour of an emotional connection, though this is not to say that they don’t know how to relate to people. Aquarians are loyal creatures and don’t lean towards the phrase ‘blood is thicker than water’. They tend to have a large social circle as they have a knack of picking things up from where they left off, without having to maintain constant contact.

I’m not trying to compare Aquarians to mutants, but the students at Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in the X-Men films find themselves in a position where they have a unique and special power but for years they don’t understand how to harness it. When they understand and develop their individual qualities they are able to put their mark on the world and fight for a humanitarian cause, a lot like Aquarians. In fact, the school and it’s concept is a very Saturnian–Aquarian with an 11th House feel, with the emphasis on a community of mutants focussing on self-mastery whilst maintaining individuality. The 11th house is the house Aquarius rules.

Being conceptual, Aquarians are associated with being technologically savvy, though I have an Aquarian friend who is a technophobe. Remember – they won’t ever fit your expectations – Aquarians are the embodiment of unpredictability. Using the medium of the internet and social media we are now able to find groups online where we can connect and discuss new ideas with people, share with our ‘Facebook family’ and become a well known figure in our online community or carving out a community of our own. 

When the Sun is in Aquarius it is a great time for finding a way to express your individuality in some way, doing something where you can connect to your group which allows for freedom of expression of the skills that make you, YOU!


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