Aries Season – Many Happy Returns

Ruled by Mars, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac which is a good thing for the little ram because he likes to be first! Used to nothing but first place, Aries is born to be a winner! Coinciding with the Spring Equinox (& the beginning of the astrological year) courageous and independent Aries always rises to the challenge with a competitive streak which can create friction among his peers. 

Head First

The horns on the Ram’s head indicate Aries’ head-first mentality, head butting himself into the lead. Original and daring, Aries can bring a fresh pair of eyes to existing and new situations. At worst, Aries can be lazy and selfish, indulging in belligerent and oppositional behaviour. At best, Aries leads by example, motivating and inspiring others.


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