Leo Season – Many Happy Returns

Leo is a Fixed Fire sign so is consistent in his nature and inspirational to be around! Leo has a spark which is undeniably infectious and he is very demonstrative in his need to express himself. The sign for natural performers and leaders, Leo will take to the stage like no other and show us how it is done! However if you aren’t a particularly ‘showy’ Leo, you may prefer to be behind the scenes but striving to be the best from wherever you are comfortable receiving the limelight.

Passionate and Fun

Leo allows us to indulge in a different way, in fun and passionate endeavours. This is a great time for us to enjoy being in the spotlight of our own, be it though going out with friends and letting your individuality shine though, or through spending time doing the things that make your heart sing, perhaps through creative activities like playing musical instruments or going to see your favourite band for example. Leo has the staying power and consistency that the fixed signs are famous for, so completing projects and starting new ones which require long term commitment will bode well now. The Sun is in rulership in Leo, so is very comfortable and happy in this sign, allowing effortless expression for the Sun’s time through it’s domicile.


About Stefanie James

Stefanie is an astrologer based in London. She travels around the UK and abroad, talking, teaching and writing about astrology. In addition to this, Stefanie co-hosts HIJAC, a transatlantic podcast with US based Seana Collins. Together they explore mysteries, alternative perspectives and current affairs through the lens of astrology. Book your consultation with Stefanie at http://www.stelliumastrology.com/book/

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