Taurus Season – Many Happy Returns

Venus ruled Taurus isn’t concerned with the fast-paced and competitive nature of Aries. Taurus understands the magnetic power of determination and will generated from within, which can be very attractive.

An immovable force, no amount of pressure can force Taurus to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Surrounding herself with accumulated objects (a symbol of her energy and hard work) she values familiarity and routine.


A physical sign, Taurus experiences life through the senses. She can be prone to greed and laziness, settling for her comfort-zone and stubborn behaviour. When she is functioning at her highest vibration she is a trusted, reliable and loyal rock for her valued friends and family, secure on the sturdy foundations she creates for herself.  


About Stefanie James

Stefanie is an astrologer based in London. She travels around the UK and abroad, talking, teaching and writing about astrology. In addition to this, Stefanie co-hosts HIJAC, a transatlantic podcast with US based Seana Collins. Together they explore mysteries, alternative perspectives and current affairs through the lens of astrology. Book your consultation with Stefanie at http://www.stelliumastrology.com/book/

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