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Hello everyone, welcome to my 7th Video Blog about the Full Moon at 3° Virgo. The Sun-Moon opposition of February 2016 falls in Pisces & Virgo. The Sun in Pisces is in conjunction with the modern ruler of Pisces, Neptune adding an extra sensitive quality to this Full Moon. With watery Pisces and earthy Virgo bringing a real ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’ feel to this Full Moon, this is a good time to get in touch with the recesses of the subconscious and draw on your true creative essence.

Good News

I have some exciting news! As of this week I will be working from a clinic in Greenwich where I am setting up my Astrology Practice, seeing clients for Astrological consultation and practicing Reiki. I am extremely excited about having an office space to see clients as I haven’t had a suitable work environment for quite some time and it has always been very difficult getting any of my work done. For an excellent example of this, see my rant below!

Please get in touch using the contact form if you are interested in booking an appointment with me, meetings can be held over Skype or in person.


The Gremlins occupying my laptop and phone are sure to drive me mad – but not for much longer, if I can help it!

I really wanted to get a blog written for this Full Moon (and so many other astrological events so far this year) but I have been extremely busy of late. I haven’t had the time due to some of the major changes occurring in my life – thanks, Uranus.

I feel like crying – I made this Vlog earlier today and I have spent the entire day running around trying to find a wifi-connection to upload my Vlog and get it posted for your viewing pleasure, prior to the Full Moon at 18:29 GMT. Sadly I was unable to find somewhere to upload the video with a stable wifi connection (for the 2nd week running) and it ended up takig me all day to upload this simple video. I am experiencing some major Saturnian problems at the moment and can really feel his approach to my Descendant.

What this Full Moon has made abundantly clear to me is that I really need to upgrade my equipment, potentially migrating over to the dark side (Apple). It is so infuriating taking the time to plan and film a video, only to experience issues when uploading in time for viewing before the celestial event discussed. With Saturn causing blockages to my progress, I am incredibly stressed (as you can probably tell). It would be great to just get it all off my chest and have a rant on video to upload onto YouTube but it would take so long, the whole exercise would be futile – though I know it would actually be hilarious to watch at a later date.

Regardless, I have decided to persevere and upload the video anyway, it would be such a shame to waste all this time and effort and have absolutely nothing to show for it. I hope you enjoy it, even if you are watching it post-Full Moon.


Hello everyone. I’m sorry I am a bit late posting this, I had a few problems uploading my video to YouTube after I filmed it. Mildly annoying as I had hoped to make it a Valentines day Vlog, but instead we will have to skip that and just enjoy it for what it is.

Please excuse my silly intro this week – I felt like adding a bit of comedy (if you can call it that) to the video.

Topics covered during this week’s Vlog:

  • The return of Mercury to the degree in which he went retrograde in the first place which you can read about here.
  • Mercury and Venus’ ingress to Aquarius and the Sun’s ingress to Pisces – Happy Birthday Pisces!
  • Venus through each of the signs of the Zodiac.

Thanks for checking it out, I hope you all enjoy it. I always enjoy making the videos.

Steff x

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THA Talks ~ An Astrological Look At Jimmy Savile

This evening I was interviewed by Paul and Seana on THA Talks, where I discussed the Journey of Saturn through Scorpio, Jimmy Savile and Operation Yewtree.


08/02/16 Paul from THA Talks has been in touch to tell me there have been 6500 downloads of the Podcast which means it was a huge success!



Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile Rectified Birth Chart

31st October 1926 16:00
Leeds UK


Vlog #3 Leo Full Moon and Mercury Going Direct

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Hi everyone, Happy Full Moon in Leo!
Second time lucky – that ol’ trickster Mercury has had me well and truly running round in circles this week. My first Vlog went wrong and I’ve had a few issues uploading and posting my second attempt – but here it is, finally.
Enjoy! X

Full Moon in Leo – January 2016 – Back to Square One

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Harvest Full Moon Rise

On 24 January 2016 there is a Full Moon at 01:45 GMT at 03°29′ Leo. This Full Moon in Leo occurs in the early hours of the morning in the UK, on the same day Mercury slows down to station at 14° Capricorn just before 9pm GMT.

Just 3 minutes before the Full Moon reaches perfection, Mars (at 10°56′ Scorpio) rises over the Eastern horizon lending particular potency to the intensity of the ascendant, whilst making a hard aspect to the Full Moon. Though slightly wide, when the luminaries are involved a wider orb of 10° is accepted.

Chart for the exact moment of the Full Moon in Leo, with Mars on the Ascendant in Scorpio

Chart for the exact moment of the Full Moon in Leo, with Mars on the Ascendant in Scorpio

This is a dynamic configuration which challenges the temperament of the Moon in Leo and exacerbates the less favorable qualities of this Lunar placement. This Moon already wants to be the best and with the competitive presence of Mars there could be some serious hustle and dramatic outbursts.

Mars is being called into action by the Full Moon – Mercury Retrograde has already triggered a wake-up call and started to articulate some of our deepest secrets. However, with Mercury making a harmonious aspect to Mars, channeling anger and heated words into productive action and quick thinking is possible, and there may be an opportunity to rationalise this rather explosive planetary combination. Mercury in Capricorn is very serious and measured so any irrational and subjective behavior being kicked out from the Leo Full Moon and Mars will be dampened by Mercury the trickster, who is too smart to have the wool pulled over his eyes.

Dynamic and Volcanic

A release of some kind is inevitable with Mars and as he is in Scorpio, letting go is part of the process too. With both Mercury and Pluto making a harmonic aspect to Mars, this could be the grand unveiling of the deep dark secrets buried within the murky depths of the sea goat’s sturdy and reliable mountain.

A volcanic eruption ensues; the tension of the Sun-Moon opposition acting as the catalyst. Rumbling from the core of the Earth, the fertile landscape which once existed reduced to rubble where the secrets of the underworld  for all to see. The Moon make a harmonious aspect to Saturn from about 05:30 GMT on, later making a super-harmonious aspect with Uranus, too. This really anchors the situation back to reality to have a serious look at what has occurred and make sense from an emotionally detached/third person perspective. It is time to take responsibility for any part in these events so one can discard the old ideals that weren’t working from the rubble and begin to build a new vision from the dust.

The Full Moon and You

Being a leader is tiring for you at the moment, when all you want to do is connect with your inner child and playful creative self. Escaping from it all (preferably a holiday) is the perfect remedy for your need for change and excitement. Challenges may present themselves from the bank balance – It’s fine to dip into the pot and enjoy yourself – just be prepared for the repayments and make sure you don’t end up owing too much!

There is no equilibrium between work and home life at the moment and as a result your relationships may be suffering. Working and living in close proximity with others may cause tensions to run high. Perhaps this as an opportunity to take up running or squash with a partner to expend that excess energy. Try to exercise some temperance between work and home and make time to pamper yourself with a massage or a long soak in the bath. More »

Vlog #2 ~ Mercury Retrograde Jan 2016 – Mid-transit catch-up

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Hi everyone, welcome to my second impromptu Vlog – I decided to discuss Mercury retrograde a little more. I hope you enjoy it!

Carpe Mensis: Creating a New Moon Wish List

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NewMoon ooohNew Moon Wish Lists are a great way to get your current desires and motivations down on paper before handing them over to the seeding quality of the New Moon. It is also a fun practice and a useful habit to get into – a little like a monthly to do/bucket list or a cosmic ordering technique for the Law of Attraction.

The benefit of creating a New Moon Wish List is being able to keep track of your progress from month to month for as long as you keep creating wish lists. If you are someone who regularly writes journals like I do, you will have no problem integrating this practice into your routine. However, If you find yourself a little forgetful and in need of a reminder to create your list, you can use your phone to set a reminder and even make and keep the list stored on there, too. It can be saved in your online diaries, like Google Calendar, which can be accessed via your smart phone, or on a laptop/PC, keeping them stored for easy reference. I’ve written my New Moon Wish Lists on Post-Its, used envelopes, random notebooks and on the appropriate page of my diary – it does help to have everything written in the same location but there is no hard and fast rule.

Ideally your wishes will be personal and you can ask for things like an organised sock draw (did I really just suggest that?) or more focus at work. You could ask for world peace, or perhaps an end to cruelty in humanity, though the wish lists aren’t really designed for collective wishes. However, if your chart is being picked up by an outer planet transit or you are an Outer Planet Person (OPP) natally, by all means these intentions have a right to be expressed though your wish list. More »

New Moon in Capricorn – Jan 2016

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New Moon Capricorn

The Deep Desire For Change

On January 10th 2016 at 10:01am GMT, a New Moon occurs at 19° degrees Capricorn and is part of the first Mercury Retrograde of 2016. The New Moon in Capricorn underpins the long term effects of Mercury’s rather introspective Journey back to Hades, by personalising the experience and locking into your aspirations for the future. In Mythology, the New Moon is attributed to the goddess Persephone, who is kidnapped by Hades (Pluto) from her mother Demeter, and taken into the murky depths of the underworld by Hades where her innocence is taken from her. During this New Moon, Persephone does meet Hades (aka Pluto) as both the Sun and Moon are together at the same degree in Capricorn and in very close quarters to Pluto (aka Hades). During this time, Uranus in Aries challenges the New Moon and Pluto by creating friction from a 90° angle. This New Moon is the seeding process of adjustment and transformation. There may be a sudden shift in priorities, a realisation that something must change accompanied by the ‘knowing’ that these adjustments will up-root your stable foundations and require a complete reinvention of structure, boundaries and the traditions that you may have grown familiar, and comfortable with. Capricorn is not adverse to change and can manoeuvre the most arduous terrains. The difficulty with the change described in this New Moon is the need to strip down to the bare bones of what is essential to the evolution of the Sea Goat, and experience something that forces maturation. It may not appear immediately obvious, it may also not seem to be such an enormous overhaul, but the full extent of this New Moon’s implications will become more apparent as the light of the moon waxes up to full.

Persephone enjoyed her time in the underworld with Hades and decided that she would spend half the year with him and half the year with her mother. The joy and freedom she experienced when away from her mother kept her coming back for more, tying up with my recent post about Mercury Retrograde and toxic frienships. The early part of 2016 may be a trigger for the shedding of certain toxic relationships, granting the opportunity to grow. More »

Lunar Beauty ~ Astrological Calendar Give Away

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Lunar Beauty Astrological CalendarDespite my best efforts, I recently succumbed to the latest bug that had already claimed so many of my fellow Londoners this winter. A foggy, bunged-up, sniffling wreck, I couldn’t ‘Jedi mind-trick’ my way out of this one. Having felt so grotty over the past week, I decided to book myself a self-indulgent spa-date in January to cheer myself up and to have something to look forward to. Imagine my delight when arriving home later that evening to a delivery of Astrological Lunar Beauty Calendars from Kimberly at Star Sign Style!

Eagerly flicking straight to January, I was particularly excited to find that the date I’d booked my spa visit was the day after the New Moon in Capricorn when Luna herself will sextile Venus – a perfect opportunity for me to recharge my batteries and enjoy some real ‘me’ time! Intuitively I must have chosen January 11th for that exact reason, but it is always nice to see it echoed back from the stars.

Healing is a personal thing, and our individual lunar placement tells us the specific type of care we need to receive, and when it is best for us to receive it. Observing the daily motions of the transiting moon is a useful way to engage in a personal dialogue with your unconscious self and get in tune with your needs and true intentions of the moment.  Luna is a key player when electing the most effective times to undergo health and beauty routines, for example: When is the best time to wax your legs in order to encourage slower regrowth? When to cut your hair to ensure fuller, faster re-growth? Which phase of the moon encourages a safe detox and cleanse? Astrology can also be used to elect the most appropriate times to escape on holiday or to a spa, when a bath will be more effective than a massage, or when going out and letting your hair down is just what the doctor ordered.

Kimberly has worked painstakingly on this classy, loose leaf calendar to bring us optimum dates in 2016 for beautifying and indulging ourselves. With a stunning gold design embossed on the cover, the calendar exudes quality and style. With a couple of info pages for the budding Astrologer to learn about aspects discussed in the calendar and a card to write your own chart details, there is also a space on the calendar to make your own notes, make new moon intentions and observations – perfect for anyone that keeps a new moon wish list each month.

I have a handful of copies to give away for 5 lucky readers! To claim your Lunar Beauty ~ Astrological Calendar, ‘Like’ my Facebook page and fill out the contact form on this page with your full name, time (if you have it), place and date of birth and tell me how you like to relax and recharge. I will draw 5 names on Wednesday 16th December.

These stunning calendars make the perfect gift for Christmas and the New Year and are available from Star Sign StyleEtsy and The Astrology Shop in Covent Garden, for the bargain price of $15 (£10) including p&p.

*Give Away Closed*


Create a Free Account With Astro.com

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I would like to point out, first and foremost, that I am in no way affiliated with www.astro.com – I just wanted to write a blog to spread the word on this excellent free tool for Astrologers.  The idea for this post came to me after I taught a few Astrology classes to absolute beginners and realised it would be helpful to have a ‘how to’ guide for setting up an account with Astro Deinst aka www.astro.com.

As a budding Astrologer with limited funds, I initially created an account with Astro Dienst so I could look at my chart and start to unpick it.  It was the first birth chart generator I used before I could afford software and I found the website extremely useful when starting out reading charts for family and friends. Before I knew it I had a large selection of charts stored to my account for my own research purposes, with an extensive library of information – all in one place.

Astro Dienst is unbeatable for its encyclopedic quantity of astrological information and data available and the most incredible thing about this website is that it is COMPLETELY FREE to sign up, with the capacity to store 100 charts with a free account, or up to 1000 if you decide to subscribe (a steal at 8€ per year).

With options to cast natal, synastry and composite charts, there is also the option to view transits, progressions, directions, asteroids, fixed stars and so much more – there really is something for everyone. In addition to this, there is the 9000 year Ephemeris available to download, special body ephemeris files for comets and asteroids, Astro Wiki, a free encyclopedia of Astrology, and Astro Databank – the most trusted compendium of astrological chart data available on the internet.

How to create an account with www.astro.com:

More »