Cancer Season – Many Happy Returns

Crabby Cancer the fourth sign of the zodiac coincides with the Summer Solstice. Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign that processes its environment through the feeling realm of emotions. They have an incredibly intuitive ability pick up on what is needed, exactly when it’s needed. Protective Just like their crustacean counterpart, Cancerians are tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. Their knee-jerk reaction is to defend and protect […]

2016 Valentines Lovescopes plus Mercury & Venus in Aquarius

Hello everyone. I’m sorry I am a bit late posting this, I had a few problems uploading my video to YouTube after I filmed it. Mildly annoying as I had hoped to make it a Valentines day Vlog, but instead we will have to skip that and just enjoy it for what it is. Please excuse my silly intro this week – I felt like adding a bit of comedy […]