I would like to point out, first and foremost, that I am in no way affiliated with – I just wanted to write a blog to spread the word on this excellent free tool for Astrologers.  The idea for this post came to me after I taught a few Astrology classes to absolute beginners and realised it would be helpful to have a ‘how to’ guide for setting up an account with Astro Deinst aka

As a budding Astrologer with limited funds, I initially created an account with Astro Dienst so I could look at my chart and start to unpick it.  It was the first birth chart generator I used before I could afford software and I found the website extremely useful when starting out reading charts for family and friends. Before I knew it I had a large selection of charts stored to my account for my own research purposes, with an extensive library of information – all in one place.

Astro Dienst is unbeatable for its encyclopedic quantity of astrological information and data available and the most incredible thing about this website is that it is COMPLETELY FREE to sign up, with the capacity to store 100 charts with a free account, or up to 1000 if you decide to subscribe (a steal at 8€ per year).

With options to cast natal, synastry and composite charts, there is also the option to view transits, progressions, directions, asteroids, fixed stars and so much more – there really is something for everyone. In addition to this, there is the 9000 year Ephemeris available to download, special body ephemeris files for comets and asteroids, Astro Wiki, a free encyclopedia of Astrology, and Astro Databank – the most trusted compendium of astrological chart data available on the internet.

How to create an account with

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