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Venus Rx

Venus has reached a point in her cycle where she continues to move forward in her orbit around the Sun but approaches her closest orbital point to Earth.  This period is known as ‘retrograde’ and during this time, appears to move backwards in the sky.  During her cycle around the sun, Venus moves approximately one degree a day, with the retrograde period lasting about 6 weeks (no more than 43 days at a time).  Some years she doesn’t retrograde at all.  During retrograde, Venus’ presence is more pronounced in our daily lives. Particularly highlighted during this period are the things that we attract or consider to be of value to us, be it particular relationships (romantic and professional), moral standpoints, objects and possessions, our source of income and creative endeavors ranging from aesthetics and art to and children.

In 2015, Venus Stations on 25th July 10:29 GMT at 00°45’ Virgo and continues in retrograde motion through until the 05th September at 14­°24’ where she Stations before commencing in direct motion from the 07th September.   With Saturn in Scorpio squaring Venus conjunct Jupiter, finances may be highlighted and depending on your luck a refund may be requested from, or credited to your account during this period (preferably the latter).

The phrase ‘It is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind’ epitomises Venus’ temperament in her backwards motion and inclusive of relationship commitments (both romantic and professional), issues of abode and a re-evaluation of what it is you feel is of Value to you. Venus retrograde is not to be feared as this period is always an excellent opportunity for self-observation and the potential to considered from a closer and more personal perspective.

 Venus Retrograde Dates for the Diary:

21st June ~ Enters Pre-Shadow ~ 14°24’ Leo 17:13 GMT
25th July ~ Stations Retrograde ~ 00°45’ Virgo 10:29 GMT
4th August ~ Conjunct Jupiter ~ 28°35′ Leo 22:30 GMT
5th August ~ Square Saturn ~ 28°17′ Scorpio 15:40 GMT
6th August ~ Conjunct Mercury ~ 27°51′ Leo 15:19 GMT
14th August ~ Leo New Moon ~ 21°30′ Leo 15:53 GMT
15th August ~ Conjunct Sun ~ 22°39′ Leo 20:19 GMT
31st August ~ Conjunct Mars ~ 14°55′ Leo 06:01 GMT
5th September ~ Venus Stations direct ~ 14°24′ Leo 09:29 GMT
(Quincunx Pluto Rx at 13°04′ Capricorn)
09th October ~ Venus Exits Shadow ~ 00°46’ Leo 16:46 GMT

Throughout her journey back through Leo, Venus is squared by Saturn in Scorpio whilst Trining Uranus (also retrograde) in Aries.

Once Retrograde, Venus’ journey back through Leo will certainly be an eventful one.  The creative outlet is introverted, allowing an inner journey to take place.  Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, there will be the pursuit of beautiful shoes, a few interesting characters and a chance to see the truth behind the curtain at the end of the journey.  Venus Retrograde really isn’t the time to start love affairs or make big financial gestures as you may end up parting with a lot more than you initially planned to invest.

Venus’ first aspect is a conjunction with Jupiter, where issues of belief and worth are highlighted in a retrospective manner – a chance to look at events from the past and use them as a template to shape your desired outcome for your future plans.  Venus will be asked why? Have you placed value on beliefs that truly resonate with you and what will this mean for your the long term goals and aspirations?  She may also highlight areas of your life where saying no to yourself proves to be somewhat of a challenge.  Embellishing yourself with irresistible treats and garments may well have been wonderful and fun, but when the button on those brand new trousers pops off under the strain of a voluptuous midriff, your emaciated wallet may prompt a heavy bout of ‘buyer’s remorse’.  Blind faith and optimism may be enjoying the party a bit too much without having a thought to the consequences.  Too much of a good thing is a bad thing as the saying goes – You may find that upon waking your lack of money becomes apparent, as does the disappearance of your entourage.

Transiting back to her square with Saturn, Venus then challenges respect and responsibility, laying down revised and improved boundaries to work within.  There may be a few issues of trust and loyalty which may need addressing.  Exercising damage limitation during this time is advisable and approaching sensitive issues with caution may be the order of the day.  Issues of shared possessions and joint ownership may appear here and the question mark may remain over whether it is worth while embarking on such a venture.  During Venus retrograde it most certainly isn’t the time to commit to such ideas, and with Saturn being the master of applying the brakes to any situation, it is certainly advisable to wait until Venus resumes her normal course in direct motion.  Saturn is very good at adding a good dose of reality when investing in something you previously had a lot of faith in.  Perhaps it will become apparent that your time can be spent more productively when pursuing your own creativity endeavors and passions, rather than putting your effort in to someone else’s.

As Venus conjuncts Mercury we are presented with an excellent opportunity to think about what we truly value and whether our efforts will pay off.  This is a great time to put all that introspective creativity to good use and brainstorm some new and inventive ways of dealing with your situation.  Seeking out opinions from trusted friends to weigh up options can give an excellent opportunity to evaluate and discuss the issues raised by the backward motion of Venus and her eventful journey to this point.  It is important to keep wits about you when choosing a confident as the well informed characters which speak with so much knowledge may be offering advice which they wouldn’t follow themselves.  With Saturn in Scorpio still squaring Jupiter, Venus and Mercury at this point there may also be a need to know that you completely trust the person you are confiding in.

This sets the tone for the next week as Venus makes her way back to the Sun who is in his domicile in Leo.  With all the new ideas brimming and the challenges posed by those that cause you to doubt your contributions to the relationship (be it romantic or professional), Venus then conjuncts the Sun in time for her to bring all the self-doubt, second guessing and lack of belief to light.  The inner conflict of the preceding few weeks will enter the spotlight ready for a period of consolidation.  It is at this point that the integration of these ideas will be accepted as part of your identity, or rejected as doubt and insecurity.  This is where personal value can be honestly assessed and those that do not compliment this rediscovered sense of identity will potentially be discarded.  This is not to say that confidence will be brimming and decisions will be made which were once a point of indecision – it is more a sense of knowing one’s self again after a period of deep evaluation.

Sovereign once again, the Journey of Venus then moves into Martian territories ready to revisit a point of friction in aid of some conflict resolution.  The God and Goddess of war are particularly cooperative with each other in conjunction and can really get the best out of each other. Having Venus go back to meet Mars might see her persuading him to her way of thinking.  This might be a good time to put energy into the things you are truly passionate about and may well be the only thing you yearn to do at this point, and it will come so naturally when Venus persuades Mars to guide that burning desire into making love and not war. It might be a time to reign in some unruly behavior – or you might later regret your actions. Toying with the idea of a bit of ‘harmless’ flirting may lead to situations one may later live to regret.  As previously stressed, it is a great time to exercise your artistic licence in your own creative projects, follow your bliss and take pride in your hard work.

September 5th sees Venus Station at 14° Leo on for 2 days whilst Quincunx Pluto in Capricorn.  Issues raised from Venus’ previous dalliance with Pluto back in January 2014 may rise from the depths stirring deep desires and coaxing inner truths from the depths within which may be difficult to face.  Strong desires and a wish to fulfill them may reach a point of utter desperation as the final aspect of Venus’ journey back into the Middle of Leo slows, stops and reverses back into direct motion.

This transit will have an impact on you if you have planets in any of the Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo (The sign in which Venus is Retrograde), Scorpio and Aquarius.  Taurus shares her ruling planet with Libra and both signs will also feel the affect of the Retrograde period.

Image from Retrograde Planets Traversing the Inner Landscape by Erin Sullivan p.78
Photo Credit: Stellium Astrology