Vlog #1 ~ Capricorn New Moon & Mercury Retrograde   Recently updated !

Hello everyone! This is my first ever Video Blog. Friends of mine have been telling me for some time that they think I should make some Astrology videos for YouTube. I decided to take their advice and set myself the challenge of filming every week.

I was a bit nervous to start and completely disorganised (I am in my Batman pyjamas) but I thought there is no time like the present to get this going. As my new years resolution I decided to make a ‘Vlog’ every week and discuss Astrological happenings and upcoming aspects and events.

Hopefully you will find it entertaining and informative. Any comments are welcome and I would love to have some feedback or suggestions about what to talk about.

About Stefanie

Stefanie is an astrologer based in London. She travels around the UK and abroad, talking, teaching and writing about astrology. In addition to this, Stefanie co-hosts HIJAC, a transatlantic podcast with US based Seana Collins. Together they explore mysteries, alternative perspectives and current affairs through the lens of astrology.