Sagittarius Season – Many Happy Returns

SagittariusThe Sun’s ingress to Sagittarius, is graced with an infectious and exuberant joie de vivre, marking a welcome shift from the stagnant and murky depths of Scorpio. The uplifting and buoyant charm of Sagittarius can be felt almost immediately. A Mutable Fire sign, Sagittarius deals with challenge by travelling, bending and adapting. Think of the rippling plasma on the surface of the Sun: a restless ocean of fire complete with tidal waves and golden loops of magnetic activity. The Sun may rule Leo, but the behaviour of the surface of the Sun is very much akin to the essence of Sagittarius and the way he moves through life.

All the Mutable signs coincide with the transitional seasons. Mutable Fire sits between the damp decline of Autumn (Fixed Water Scorpio) and the cold depths of Winter (Cardinal Earth Capricorn). The yearly cycle is waning into the Winter or seeding phase as the Earth moves farther from the Sun. The visionary Centaur sees the bigger picture and understands that everything in life is in a state of constant flux.

Great Expectations

There is an uplifting and fertile feel at each point the Sun traverses the Fire signs: Aries season coincides with Spring where chicks hatch, seedlings sprout and the cycle of new-life is born. The Sun is in Leo at the height of Summer; the energising affect of the Sun has the population flocking to sunny spots and beaches to bask in his glory. During the Sun’s spell in Sagittarius the air is filled with a sense of hope and optimism. Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas are in clear view on the horizon and the promise of party season lifts even the darkest of spirits. The hype, the multi-million pound seasonal adverts on television and the shops stocking up for the big rush – it’s all so Saggy! Even the thriftiest types (says this Capricorn) feel the urge to indulge to great expense. The anticipation and excitement which can be observed is a Jupitarian and Sagittarian spectacle: the expectation of what might be.

This is a time where excessive behaviour is the norm. We know we will have to pay for the consequences of our actions later, but decide to live in the moment. There is a tendency to gain weight at this time of year and Sagittarius is associated with excess, growth and expansion. No waistline is safe! Reflecting the season’s mood, negativity, doubts and grudges are relinquished, letting bygones be bygones. Sagittarius likes to believe in the best-case scenario and whilst the Sun is in Sagittarius even the most pessimistic of folk will experience a more trusting attitude toward situations they would normally approach with caution. However, there can be an inability to exercise control as boundaries are something Sagittarius wants to push through and keep going with no restrictions!  As a hybrid (half-man–half-horse) the dual nature of the mythical Centaur strives to balance basic animalistic instincts and human limitations. When the Centaurs’ bow and arrow is pulled back and released, the direction in which the arrows fly is indicative of how energy radiates from this sign: onwards and upwards!

Sagittarius and the Search for Significance

Sagittarius is generally considered to be a lucky sign as the ‘greater benefic’ Jupiter, is its ruling planet. If you can be philosophical about the things that happen in your life and you are able to see a deeper meaning or overarching theme, does the luck shine through from the core of Sagittarius as a type of perspective? Or do events line-up to bless natives with strong Sagittarian signatures in their charts? I happen to think it’s a bit of both. I know some Saggies able to philosophise and understand each moment as threadJupiter being sewn into the tapestry of life. I also know some Sagittarius types who are just goddamn lucky! But they do tend to have a positive outlook giving them the whole ‘Law of Attraction’ vibe. You could say which came first, the chicken or the egg? In the same way that this can’t be proved, we can’t prove the existence of God or higher beings but can feel a connection to them if that way inclined. Sagittarius understands that connection regardless of his beliefs, and is able to interpret the meaning from the heavens to the Earth.

Having the vision to see not only the whole situation as it stands, but future implications and the meaning behind the event gives Sagittarius a shamen-like quality. The essence of Sagittarius is to inspire; to equip with knowledge which will enable one to move forward in life and be independent in it’s own way.

Prone to pleasure-seeking in many forms, some Sagittarians will engage in risk-taking behaviour to experience each moment in all it’s glory. Some sociable Centaurs come with an entourage – fair-weather friends who they trust will be there after the party is over. They have faith in the good of humanity and  people who like to be around them due to their generosity and partying ways. Blind optimism and a belief in the quintessential happy ending can lead to disappointment or irresponsible actions and with their non-committal and boundary-pushing attitude, Saggies can be seen as gamblers. This can be gambling by taking unnecessary risks, or as literal as placing a bet. The Centaurs’ hooves firmly planted on the soil, he likes to be reminded of his connection with a higher power by pushing Earthly boundaries. this can lead him down a darker path than expected. These situations can open up a direct dialogue with God, whomever that may be to the individual. Some of you may relate if you have ever had to look beyond the rational, say a prayer or make a plea-bargain with the big man. I know I have.

Visionary, Preacher, Traveller, Teacher

This great faith can be channelled in many ways as Sagittarius is elevated in spirit – this doesn’t have to be a spiritual or religious (though it can be), but an experience which expands their horizons both physically and mentally. You might know a Sagittarius who is an atheist. They may inspire others to share their vision, or believe in their cause. The reason they are able to inspire others is because what they do has given them purpose. Knowledge is a great love of the Centaur and they travel great distances in order to learn, experience other cultures, and to share their findings. The dream of distant lands, different cultures and new experiences is something Sagittarius longs for. Travelling, movement and a change of scenery invigorates Sagittarius; there’s always something new to see and learn. Their passion, thirst for knowledge and ability to express themselves in a fun and exciting way makes them great teachers or preachers, depending on which career route they decide to take.

I am grateful to my Sagittarius friends: for their playful and light-hearted warmth, their insight when times seem bleak, and for teaching me how to let-go and party! The saying goes: “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”, and my Sagittarius friends have taught how to let go of negativity. Viva la Centaur!


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