Scorpio Season – Many Happy Returns

The descent of the Sun into Scorpio takes it on a journey though the depths of the underworld. I have to admit, Autumn is my favourite season. The reds, burnt oranges, yellows and browns of leaves falling from the trees, landing on the cold damp ground. The seasonal vegetables (particularly squashes and pumpkins) and hearty comfort food – all things associated with this time of year. In England (where I live and am writing this post) the days are shorter and the nights draw in earlier and earlier. This is so much more obvious during this time of year as a result of the Earths’ 23.5º axial tilt away from the Sun. It’s hard to believe the transformation of nature through the seasons; the beauty that autumn brings is a product of deterioration and decay as our planet moves further way from it’s life-giving source of light.

This is Scorpio’s primary area of awareness: the decomposition of life, in order to make way for the new. This doesn’t have to be viewed as morbid – death is very much a part of life. However, Scorpio is more aware of the things that most people would rather ignore. People don’t generally like to acknowledge the loss of innocence. The scorpion has to learn to let go as it moves through experiences which test it’s strength and durability. The transformation from life to death is symbolic of the process in which Scorpio operates. Those with their Sun in Scorpio will be familiar with the potential to transform. An exploration of the darker side of life is inevitable through the transformative process and as a result, your Scorpio friend will be the one who will stick around during a crisis. They won’t spin you a yarn or spout clichés when you are experiencing a personal crisis . They will tell you the truth and give you the support you need; this is their bread and butter! Scorpio can handle a barrage of high tension and dramatic situations – in fact, they thrive on it.

Alluring and Intense Scorpio

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Think of an iceberg, you can always see the tip above the surface of the water, but below the surface, the iceberg can reach down to the depths. This is the perfect image for Scorpio: What is below the surface is not obvious – there are so many hidden dimensions to this unbelievably deep and alluring sign. Another image I imagine is iron filings being held to a magnet. The force holding them together is the magnetic pulling quality that Scorpio radiates. X-Men character Magneto (played by Sir Ian McKellen) is able to manipulate metals in order to wield power and control over his opponents. Interestingly in his natal chart, Sir Ian has a Mars-Pluto opposition at power degrees (Mars at 0º Aquarius and Pluto at 29º Cancer). Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and has a far more passive, feminine and undetectable expression than it does as co-ruler of Aries. Pluto was discovered in 1930 and was appointed the modern ruler of Scorpio. When these two planets are in aspect, they are exceptionally dynamic and can manifest great power, will and determination. This is displayed brilliantly in McKellen’s role in X-Men.

Face your Daemons

Scorpio intensifies your commitments in relation to others. Shared ownership enters the equation with the eighth sign of the zodiac, for example: buying a house with your partner, and the financial bond holding you with the bank which loaned you your mortgage. There are deeper and farther reaching implications to the commitment. Issues of a superficial quality are not really something the scorpion dabbles in – the occult and life’s mysteries are much more the realm of this cave-dwelling creature. Key words for Scorpio are: honesty, integrity, deeper emotional undercurrents and subtle nuances, deeper meaning.

During the Sun’s transit through Scorpio, it’s a great time to deal with things that normally get overlooked. Time to do the life insurance, pay your tax bill or go over the small print in that contract you have to scrutinise before signing. The Sun in Scorpio shines a light on the the minutest of details and does not drop an issue unless satisfied it is ready to let go. Scorpio is relentless at times; if you have put a task off because you just can’t bear to get involved, not only will you face this daemon during this time, you will be able to complete the task. You will likely become obsessed with doing it properly and find yourself absolutely immersed until it is done!

So when the Sun is in Scorpio, it is in a place where it knows it can’t shine as brightly. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t as important; the Sun is able to bring to light the things in life that don’t normally get a chance to shine, those little creatures under the rock have their own story to tell. Make good use of this time because it can be hugely rewarding. You will welcome tasks that require true grit and determination. Avoidance will not be an option.


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